Sacha Moles

Position Title: 
Customer Services Manager

Sacha commenced work with ElectroNet in the role of Receptionist in 2010.  She was promoted into an electrical co-ordination role, and a subsequent promotion has her now engaged as the ElectroNet Customer Services Manager.

She has incredible organisational skills which she applies to fully support the Electrical Foreman, and to ensure members of the electrical team meet, and where possible exceed, the expectations of our many and varied customers.

She puts both quality and safety at the top of all she does.  She gains the appropriate information from customers to ensure the electrical team can pre-plan the work according to customer requirements, with an assured quality outcome. 

Sacha also identifies ways in which ElectroNet are able to provide a greater service to our customers, through our design-build-deliver options

03 768 9300
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