Phil Gardyne

Position Title: 
Business Development Manager

Phil is the Senior Project Manager for the ElectroNet Group.  His role extends to the planning and coordination of projects throughout the ElectroNet group.  As part of his role, Phil develops risk and issue registers and tracks progress of projects to ensure mitigation steps are implemented and effective.  Phil also implements quality measures as detailed in ElectroNets Quality Management Plan, and ensures accurate and timely reporting to the client.

In his role, Phil is responsible for the management of projects from the initial costing, setup and handover to operational teams, through to a successful and safe conclusion, while ensuring compliance with both the company and clients standards and specifications.

In his role as Senior Project Manager, Phil brings a high level of organisational skills with attention to detail.  He has the ability to assist all others involved in the successful outcome of each project.  Other key skills include building and maintaining excellent business relationships both within and outside the company, tracking of financials and materials to ensure projects meet budgets, and continually looking for more efficient and effective ways to add value to the process.

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