Matthew Kerr

Position Title: 
Lines Supervisor

Matt Kerr is a qualified Distribution & Transmission Line Mechanic, including Live Line competency, who was promoted into the role of Lines Supervisor after demonstrating his organisational and team leadership skills.

Matt supports the Operations Manager by organising the lines workforce to meet the ever growing demands of a large and varied client base.

Matt has led a number of large electrical projects, along with the installation of a UFB network throughout the West Coast.

Matt has a key focus on safety, ensuring all workers are adequately supplied with full information on the work to be performed, and that prior planning has been robust.  He also ensures that teams are assembled with a mix of appropriate and adequate competencies, and that the workers are supplied with sufficient reliable tools, plant and equipment.

A quality outcome is also a key focus for Matt.  He ensures the requirements and expectations of the client are fully understood, and that the scope of work is determined and agreed upfront, to reduce the risk of cost over-runs or re-work.

Matt undertakes a very busy role, but ensures there is always a clear line of communication for all workers and clients equally.

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