Project Team

Laudo Brancato (Al)

A recent addition to Electronet, Laudo, also known as Al, brings over twenty years of experience as a project manager, working on medium to large projects (overseas), covering almost all construction sectors, such as infrastructure, industrial, commercial and residential projects in its all life cycle.

Al’s experience in the electrical field and systems covers project management consultancy for substation design and construction (Subway / Metro projects and industrial), as well as electrical installations for industrial and subdivision projects.

Tim Scherer

Tim has 17 years High Voltage substation work experience, both in maintenance station switching fault finding and project supervision

Projects with Electronet

  • West Coast Line Protection upgrade
  • Blenheim Line Protection upgrade
  • Balclutha ODID upgrade
  • Timaru 110KV BUS reconstruction
  • Upper Hut ODID upgrade.
  • Now Project manager for the MOSS Transportable Switch room Buildings.

Jemimah Hicks

Jemimah has been employed in the electricity industry for almost 10 years.  Her primary role as Project Manager is to manage ETL projects from tender stage through to project completion, in compliance with ETL polices and customer expectations. 

Andre Manton

Andre is the latest member to the Project Team and brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. Andre brings 20 years of substation work experience which includes station switching, fault finding, station maintenance to new installations.

In his role as a Project Manager, Andre brings an ability to assist others involved in the successful delivery of the project.

In recent years Andre has been involved in:

Louisa Belcher

Louisa has been employed in the transmission electricity industry for almost 20 years – 3 of these as a Project Manager.  Her primary function is to manage ETL projects from tender stage through to project completion, in compliance with ETL standards and polices and customer expectations. 

Pete Theron

Pete has been involved in the electrical industry for over 35 years in various roles in the construction, projects and service environment. Pete has extensive experience in project management with specific focus on large turnkey projects. With ElectroNet's extensive product portfolio Pete provides leadership on turnkey projects from concept through to testing and commissioning. 

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